Refactoring now possible in the build process!

After jSparrow passed the 1500 user mark as an Eclipse plugin, the jSparrow Midsummer release 2018 was another step in the direction of automated Java code modernization. jSparrow is now also available as a Maven Plugin!

Don’t loose time with tedious and repetitive work – let jSparrow do it!

jSparrow is getting bigger and bigger everyday! Additionally we are very excited to improve and increase the ruleset for all our users. Our wishes is to one day help everyone to easily maintain Java sources. We are at the moment continuously working on the licenses and how to increasingly improve the tool. If you have any feedback or thoughts regarding our tool, please let us know, we are open to any and every suggestions.

You haven’t tried jSparrow yet? Try it today! Or later… whatever you like.

jSparrow can be found on the Eclipse Marketplace!