Increase your business speed

Increase your business speed

jSparrow improves your software and your processes

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The fastest and securest way to upgrade

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The automatic Java refactoring tool

jSparrow is a rule-based tool, which means that it can automatically improve Java code through rules. This make jSparrow similar to a rule engine – BUT the user will always have control over what is happening with their code. This allows your software engineers to upgrade and refactor your programs in a quick and secure manner – leaving a lot of time for your team to implement new functions.

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You will love jSparrow if you are:

  • A Java Developer

    • works with the Eclipse IDE or Maven
    • dislikes maintenance work and likes developing
    • loves clean code
  • An IT leader for Java Developers

    • cares for large code bases or works on a legacy Java project
    • is responsible for deadlines
    • provides functionality suggestions
    • works with automated build pipelines (Maven) or Eclipse IDE
  • An owner or manager of a Java based software, application or program

    • cares about deadlines and project debts
    • wants to increase the developers work-experience
    • is interested in digitalization and modernization
    • wants to maintain or keep a legacy project
    • wants to increase company revenue
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Unity of SW Development and Business Processes

Our tool supports you in achieving the goals of your business processes

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Faster and Better

Increase your performance

jSparrow automatically modernizes your software to more secure and performant versions. Effective business processes have higher success rates

Effective business processes have higher success rates

The benefit for you in using new versions of a software program is its increased performance and business speed during your daily work.

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Employee Friendly

Get more from your Software team

jSparrow helps software engineers to increase their working capabilities.

Don’t loose time with repetitive and tedious work

jSparrow also improves the readability of your software for newcomers. It is easier for you as a manager to expand your software engineering team.

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Safety First

Allow a more secure environment

Once jSparrow cleaned the code and optimized your software, the safety of your programs increases.

Avoid security risks at all costs

Your software, refactored with jSparrow, will be based on solid practices and methods to increase protections against cyberattacks and unauthorized queries

Why Rules?

Automatic Java Refactoring

The rule-set is like a toolbox; It lets your developers select their momentarily focus-area (regarding maintenance, upgrades, performance, and more). Every month, jSparrow adds new rules and features to its toolbox. Depending on the developer’s choice, jSparrow will with automatic rules improve your software. The developer in the back mutters: “Can’t we just use our own rules?” Sure you can, but do you have powerful refactoring rules, which have been applied and securely tested on different sources, listed the results AND was able to automatically fix the listed issues and hit save? Let jSparrow do it.

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Unique Selling Proposition

Compare jSparrow with the refactoring competition