Replace Stream Collect by toList

jSparrow Eclipse 4.4.0 & jSparrow Maven 3.11.0

We are happy to announce the jSparrow October release with one new refactoring rule! The new rule makes use of a Stream API extension in Java 16.

Replace Stream Collect by toList

Java 16 iJava 16 introduced Stream.toList() as a shorthand method for converting a Stream into an unmodifiable List. This rule replaces invocations of collect(Collectors.toUnmodifiableList()) by the new method Stream.toList().

For instance, the following code:

is transformed to:

In certain scenarios with immutable context state, collect(Collectors.toList()) is supported, too.

The new rule brings jSparrow to a total of 104 automatic refactoring rules.

Find out more information in the Release Notes for jSparrow Eclipse and jSparrow Maven!

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