Our Team

Our Team

Our main goal is to help Java developers and Java legacy owneres refactor their sources.

Barbara Kreuzberger
Reinhard Prehofer
Michaela Prehofer
Mathias Prehofer
Executive Assistant
BSc. Ali Kardoush
Gregor Balint
Software Engineering
Tibor Bednarik
BSc. Ludwig Werzowa
Ardit Ymeri
Software Engineering
Gerd Unterassinger
Sales Manager
Sasithon Prehofer
Graphics/Web Administrator


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About Splendit

About Splendit

Splendit helps companies optimize legacy software and move it to new platforms. Our experts are at home in both old (Cobol, PL / 1, assembler) and new (Java, .Net) programming platforms.

Legacy and software migration

We build bridges between existing technologies and new requirements. Whether code cleanup, cleaning up obsolete systems or transferring to new technology platforms – the experts at Splendit IT-Consulting will help you at every stage of software development.

Software architecture consulting

Good software architectures are the basis of successful software projects. Are you considering switching to a new platform? Are you faced with important decisions about your software design? We are the right choice of contact for all questions about the software architecture of your company.

Methods in software development

Splendit IT-Consulting accompanies the introduction of classic and agile software development methods in your company. Whether V-Modell, PMI or Scrum, Kanban or test-driven development – we support you in the selection of the appropriate methodology and accompany you with the implementation.

A day with Splendit IT-Constulting GmbH

What we do

More than 10 years ago we founded Splendit IT-Consulting GmbH with the main focus on software quality and the modernization of legacy systems. We have a professional team of motivated colleagues, trained in the usage of common programming languages like Java and old languages like Cobol and PL/I.

What we achieve

We improve your software systems, which are the back bone of running your business. Across the world there are billions of lines of legacy code. Modernizing such code requires both experience as well as specialized tools. Our staff is experienced with legacy tools over decades and we have developed specialized tools in order to modernize these systems automatically.

At the end

As IT professionals, we are aware of the importance to keep up with software development trends and best practices. Therefore is our goal modernizing legacy system with reasonable effort to keep your sources maintainable.