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jSparrow your All-in-One Refactoring Tool for Java code.

By registering with your official student email, you are eligible for a generated voucher, sponsored by Splendit IT consulting, reducing the price by 50%. If our system does not recognize your student email, and you have not received an automatic mail, please feel free to “contact us” to redeem your voucher.

jSparrow helps developers in the following regards:

  • Minimizing code smells, increasing security, improving code quality, and platform stability
  • Supporting in upgrading to new Java versions (transforming old language constructs into new language constructs)
  • Getting major performance improvements by using more efficient constructs
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jSparrow no longer requires registration for aquiring the 20 free rules and the markers. You can simply install jSparrow via the Eclipse Marketplace to access the starter features.

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jSparrow is a brand of ©2004-2022 Splendit IT Consulting GmbH

Rules included in Trial

Note that all jSparrow rules have a Minimum Java Version, which means that a rule with (for example) a Minimum Java version of 1.1 can be used on Java version 1.1 and all Java versions after 1.1.

Thousands of developers have refactored with jSparrow

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