Resolve coding and quality issues in Java automatically

Resolve coding and quality issues in Java automatically

Automatically optimize and maintain Java with jSparrow

The fastest and securest way to upgrade

jSparrow allows complete control and overview of the refactoring processes

Integrate with

eclipse, maven, or github

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Integrate with Intellij through Maven plugin

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Comments from jSparrow Users


“I tried many refactoring tools and this is by far the best. It’s also not too expensive, as the price would be amortized in less that a week in my daily work, but sadly my company does not want to pay for tools like this.” – jSparrow Eclipse IDE user


“The conversions regarding lambda expressions and method references is very powerful but sometimes the converter removes preceding line comments.” – jSparrow Eclipse IDE user


“Just a student looking to try this software out. Would be helpful for my open source projects, but not for the pricetag.” – jSparrow Eclipse IDE user


“Important topic – since it is semi-automated, anyone can look at it [the refactoring] and then decide whether the code should be improved or not.” – Anonymous

How to fix Java issues with jSparrow Maven

jSparrow in Eclipse IDE


By developers for developers

jSparrow is a precision tool that can maintain and fix issues (bugs, flaws, and breaches) across files, but making sure that your software has the exact same functionality and interfaces. This allows your developers to start the next sprint without maintenance work, making sure that they can work faster in their agile environment and allow them to implement and improve new features for your customers.

Unity of SW Development and Business Processes

Our tool supports achieving the goals of business processes

Faster and Better

Increased performance

jSparrow automatically modernizes software to more secure and performant versions.

Performant software has higher success rates!

The benefit of using new versions of Java is its increased performance, security, and speed during your daily work.

High Code Quality

Best practices and Automation

jSparrow can do a lot of things automatically. It can apply coding standards, review and analyze code, and fix the findings. All of these steps are well-known to improve code quality.

jSparrow can help developers keep a high code quality.

No one like repetitive and tedious manual maintenance work that often leads to risks for more errors, why not automate?

Safety First

A more secure environment

Once jSparrow fix your Java code and optimize your software, the safety of your programs increases.

Avoiding security risks hasn’t been any easier!

Your software and source code, fixed with jSparrow, will be based on solid practices and methods to increase protections against cyberattacks and unauthorized queries.

State-of-the-art coding conventions

jSparrow 100 rules include the following categories


Performance in programs is usually related to avoiding unnecessary computations, optimizing loops, or using efficient methods provided by common APIs.

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Security issues refer to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by an attacker to perform unauthorized actions within a computer program.

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Readability refers to the ease with which a human reader can comprehend the purpose, control flow, and operation of source code.

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jSparrow rules, having this tag, are designed to improve JUnit test cases benefitting from the new features in JUnit 5 and other related testing libraries.

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Your benefits

Across all levels of your company

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