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Do you love clean code?

If you love clean code like us, you might love our jSparrow Java refactoring tool for Eclipse IDE and Maven.

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What is jSparrow?

jSparrow helps Java developers waste no time on code cleanup.

Thousands of developers have refactored with jSparrow

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Increased Downloads


Hours Saved

228 000+

Issues fixed (open source)

Included on Installation


Diff View

Included on install

jSparrow fixes many issues at once. You can compare the before-and-after in jSparrow’s Diff View.

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jSparrow summary wizard in Eclipse IDE showing how many issues were found and how many hours are saved

static analysis

Included on install

jSparrow is a type of static analysis tool, the aim however is to suggest fixes on the issues that is found.


Quick Fixes

Included on install

jSparrow’s Markers suggests quick fixes during programming.

Example of how it looks like when you use a jSparrow marker in Eclipse IDE
jSparrow preference page called markers where you see an overview of some markers

90+ Refactorings

Included on install

jSparrow is a growing tool with over 90 refactorings for Java 1.1 and up.

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Pricing Question/answer

Do I need a license?

No, jSparrow is free for basic use. Only if you want to refactor a large code base as a company, then you need a license.

Which plan would you like?

Multiple Licenses

Custom Contract

For Companies
  • IT-Legacy expert services
$159/ year

1-Year License

  • 1 Year
  • $13,25/month
  • Node-locked
$16,9/ month

1-Month License

  • 1 Month
  • $16,9/month
  • Node-locked

Price is updated in cart to local currency including VAT where applicable.

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Hello, World!

jSparrow is developed by us from Splendit IT-Consulting. We are an established IT-consulting company in Austria since 2004 and a member of the WKO (Austrian Economic Chamber). In the core of our company, we do code and architectural modernization.

As we aim to take care of deprecated code for our customers, we regularly improve jSparrow with a lot of care and with extensive testing. We hope you’ll like it!

Thank you for sharing our passion for code modernization!

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These Companies Use jSparrow:

Preventative & Proactive Maintenance 

Prevent Performance Issues

jSparrow helps developers prevent slow performance, high CPU and memory usage, performance bottlenecks, long response times, and high operating costs.

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Prevent Readability Issues

jSparrow helps developers prevent readability issues, reduced productivity, onboarding challenges, risk of misinterpetation, and ineffective code reviews.

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Prevent Security Issues

jSparrow helps developers prevent vulnerabilities and risks of cyberattacks, data breaches, downtime and disruption, and scaling difficulties.

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Our Partners and Distributors

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