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Who is behind jSparrow?

About Us


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Sasithon P.

Graphics & Web designer

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Michaela P.


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Reinhard P.


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Mathias P.

Marketing Specialist

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Ali K.

Java Software Engineer

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Gregor B.

Java Software Engineer

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Martin S.

Java Software Engineer

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Our origins

Our team has advanced knowledge and tremendous experience with old programming languages such as Cobol, PL /, and Assembler, and new architectures such as Java or C#. We have more than 100 years of combined programming experience and have started jSparrow out of our headquarters which is based in Vienna, Austria.


We realized old structures need optimization, but manual labor is time-consuming, expensive, and often boring. To address this issue we have decided to create jSparrow which is dedicated to establishing all possible java refactoring changes automatically.

From developers for developers

We understand that java refactoring is an exhausting process but we believe that jSparrow offers the perfect solution for this issue. As a matter of fact, we believe so much in jSparrow, that we want our product to speak for itself.
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Our biggest motivation behind jSparrow is the idea of creating one tool, that can support developers in maintaining all future codes.
We believe that, together, we can shape a future where refactoring will be a thing of the past.

We promote education

A lot of our team members started in our company when they were still studying. We know there is nothing more important than proper education, especially within the ever-growing field of IT. We want to support students and therefore we sponsor every official university attendee with a 50% off voucher for jSparrow licenses.

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