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$16,9/ month

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  • $16,9/month
  • Node-locked

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82,6% of 1150 developers rate jSparrow as Good or Awesome!

So far the best one

I tried many refactoring tools and this is by far the best. It’s also not too expensive, as the price would be amortized in less that a week in my daily work, but sadly my company does not want to pay for tools like this.



Herramienta increíble

Muy exitosa la extension



so far so good

evaluating. will need more time.



Nice plugin

The conversions regarding lambda expressions and method references is very powerful but sometimes the conerter removes preceding line comments.



Included in license

jSparrow license

Refactor large code bases

Included in license

jSparrow can refactor large code bases automatically with a license.

jSparrow in Eclipse IDE when you right click on a project or Java file
jSparrow wizard of remove unused code in Eclipse IDE
jSparrow license

Remove Unused Code

Included in license

jSparrow can find unused code and its tests, after clicking finish you can decide which code to be removed or kept.

We advise to be cautious when removing non-private types from your source code.

jSparrow license

Support in Renaming

Included in license

jSparrow can help you rename fields to readability standards. Especially useful in open-source projects or collaborative projects.

jSparrow wizard where you can rename fields in Eclipse IDE
jSparrow's wizard of system out to logging in Eclipse IDE
jSparrow license

Logger Statements

Included in license

jSparrow can replace the standard output statements with logger statements when possible.

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Clean code in 5-10 minutes or 1000 hours?

jSparrow can help you do the most basic (to the most advanced) cleanup tasks in minutes. A plugin allowing you to focus on tomorrow.

Plugin Q/A

Does the plugin store my code or files?


Does the plugin store my activities?


Does the plugin use AI?

No. AI tools can suggest refactorings in amazing speeds, but the computed suggestion has not been tested and might be insecure. Instead of AI, our developers implements and tests all our rules extensively in-house.

A plus is that jSparrow can suggest a multitude of quick-fixes across Java files AND it allows you to review everything in the diff-view.

Does the plugin send code snippets to an external server?

No. Both the analysis and refactoring happen completely offline.

The plugin is based on Eclipse JDT which is provided within the IDE. The plugin does not transfer the code to any external server or third party.

Can I use the plugin locally, without internet access?

Yes, everyone can compute all refactorings completely offline.

Internet is needed when you wish to save or persist locked refactorings. For this jSparrow uses the NetLicensing public API to validate your license key.

We can also provide offline validation servers:

If your company worry about security or sensitive access, we can provide an offline validation server.

If code breaks when I use jSparrow, who is responsible?

We do not recommend using any tools or plugins without having a reliable backup process for all your projects. jSparrow can not take responsibility for code breaks although we extensively test all rules with a multitude of test cases before releasing a refactoring.

We recommend working closely with the plugin as it allows you to review the original and the refactored code in its diff view. You can easily deselect changes you don’t want before committing there.

To avoid potential programming disasters, we also recommend having a backup process as a crucial part of your pipeline.

Do you still make new rules?

Yes! You can check the next release date at the bottom of our Eclipse Marketplace Page.

I found a bug in jSparrow

We’re sorry to hear that. Please use the Report an issue form so we can fix it immediately.

License Troubleshooting

I have issues with my license

We’re sorry to hear that. Please contact us via the Report an issue form and we will help you fix the issues.

I did not receive a license key

We apologize for the inconvenience! We found out that our reseller FastSpring can take up to 20 minutes to send you the key.

If it takes longer please contact us via the Report an issue form and we will send it to you personally.

My license key does not work

We’re very sorry to hear that. Please contact us via the Report an issue form

I have a node-locked license but I can’t use my PC because of [reason], what can I do?

Don’t worry about it, contact us via the Report an issue form and we will reset the key for you out of charge.

I have paid for a license but jSparrow is down because of [reason], how will I get compensated?

Usually, we do not put jSparrow down for any reason, but if it were to happen we will make sure to update your license to fit the subscription span and move the billing date.

Is jSparrow down for you? Please use the Report an issue form so we can help you solve the issue

Licensing and Plans Q/A

Is there a refund guarantee?

In general, we do not offer refunds because we do not track your plugin activities and we can therefore not know if you have already used the refactorings on your sources. However, sometimes accidents happen: if you contact us the day you got billed because you forgot to unsubscribe, we will refund you.

I have bought a license but with a different price, what will happen with my plan?

We no longer offer the plans you are looking for. However, if you were recently subscribed to a plan it is possible for you to go to your orders and activate that subscription. We think it’s fair that you get to keep your subscription plan.

Why is there only an enterprise plan and a student plan?

We no longer offer a B2C plan (the exception is students). We aim to serve companies within IT. However, please feel free to use the free version or contact us and we can discuss your needs.

Is there an enterprise plan?

Yes, we at Splendit IT-Consulting know that legacy software is at the core of many enterprises (jSparrow was developed with enterprises in mind). Please contact us and we’ll help you find the right plan.