Five more free rules

jSparrow 3.25.0 A Christmas present for you We gift our users and developers who are interested in jSparrow with five more free rules! Added to jSparrow Starter: Remove Null-Checks Before Instanceof Use Optional::filter Collapse If Statements Use SecureRandom Use Offset Based String Methods Register now and get 20 rules Free of charge in jSparrow Starter. “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” ― Your Five more free rules

What is jSparrow Starter and its free rules?

jSparrow has at this moment 53 rules which are designed for Java programmers to auto-apply coding conventions, removing code smells, improving readability and modernizing Java source code. We have decided to release the key jSparrow Starter for Eclipse IDE where our new users will be able to apply 15 rules free of charge. You will What is jSparrow Starter and its free rules?

User statistics are finally here!

The measurement results of the automatical Java code refactoring are impressive!! Check them out here: statistics

Refactoring now possible in the build process!

After jSparrow passed the 1500 user mark as an Eclipse plugin, the jSparrow Midsummer release 2018 was another step in the direction of automated Java code modernization. jSparrow is now also available as a Maven Plugin! Don’t loose time with tedious and repetitive work – let jSparrow do it! jSparrow is getting bigger and bigger everyday! Additionally we are very excited Refactoring now possible in the build process!